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  • Marilo Carral


    Marilo Carral’s art can be best described as Neo-Impressionism; her Fauvist use of color palette used throughout Mexico, with her quick deft brush strokes, brings a body of work of pure joy. Exact naturalistic representation is not the goal of Carral’s ambitious paintings. What she usually achieves is a dramatic, brilliantly colored and idealized interpretation of very picturesque settings.
    The paintings in this exhibition deal with an alchemistic approach to combining colors and therefore the still lifes with flowers are one of the prevailing subjects with the variety of landscapes and captures the color diversity of the fields and valleys at the foot of the Picacho and Sierra Gorda mountain chains of Central México.

    Most recently, Carral has concentrated more on the landscape, moving ever closer to a more monochromatic palette and thus injecting a certain mystery which was absent from earlier works; where the former flowers and landscapes sung aloud with spontaneity and joy, these new, more mysterious landscapes are romantically quiet and yet, sensuous and exciting, as the pause before a happening, and somehow denote great maturity in the artist’s trajectory. –Margaret Failoni, curator.