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  • Arquitecto Rolando García


    Studio-Gallery – Ar & Ar Originally Ar & Ar since 2007, Galería-Estudio Rolando García moved within Fábrica La Aurora to a new space full of light and character. Original stone walls of the old factory and high ceilings give this space a very nice environment. Located at Section D by the Café this small and cozy gallery is part of a renewed area with cactaceous gardens and a fine stone street.

    One could say that Anita Bucherer’s painting is surrealistic, school of the illusionary and phantasmagorical with touches of magic realism. She introduces in her work experiences and symbols which come from pre-Columbian cultures, from Egypt, the Renaissance and the Holy Scriptures, always treated with wise naïveté as if they were oneiric obsessions.


    Local 5D

    Open Every Day Form 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
    Rolando García
    Cel: (415) 151 03 53
    Cel: (415) 101 01 66