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    Rachel found her love of the perfect thing for the right place while surrounded by the classic stone buildings and churches of San Miguel de Allende, where she spent her childhood. Rachel’s father, an aspiring novelist, and her mother, a captured bride from the stage of the Met, arrived in San Miguel for their honeymoon in 1960 and never left.Colonial architecture, battered and blessed by passing centuries, taught Rachel about the value and soul that a simple workman’s table could give even a Manhattan apartment.
    Education and experience play equal parts. Rachel wrote her thesis on Spanish colonial architecture & design, then worked for several accomplished interior designers and architects in Los Angeles.
    She opened her first furniture store Regalo in LA before starting her own design firm in 2000. Rachel created her first full line of furnishings and décor in 2002, eventually opening a design office and showroom at the Fabrica Aurora design center in San Miguel de Allende. Her shop sells an elegant collection of home décor, jewelry, gifts and accessories.

    Her furniture line is still hand crafted in San Miguel by 3rd generation artisans.Rachel’s work has been published in numerous books and international shelter magazines; and she has established herself as one of the top interior designers for Spanish colonial style.
    She is a native Spanish speaker with remarkable manufacturing and sourcing relationships in Mexico and around the globe. Rachel has a deep knowledge of colonial design as well as of the Mexican culture and understands how to integrate both with American and international sensibilities.Rachel’s choices always bring beauty and often bring other qualities that echo history, mystery, and classicism. We all know beauty is truth, but as Rachel says in her slightly electric manner, “it can also be fun”.
    Her treasure eye is relentless.


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    Lunes-Viernes 11am – 6pm
    Sábado y Domingo 11am – 4pm


    Austin, Texas
    (310) 295-0100

    San Miguel De Allende
    +52 (415) 154-8323