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What used to be a textile factory, today houses canvases, sculptures and artisan products of great artists who live in San Miguel.

The Cultural Center of Art and Design, La Aurora, which has been unveiled as one of the main attractions of the city of San Miguel de Allende, has a great reason for celebration: its first twelve years of history.

After being for nine decades an important engine for the labor sector in the textile industry, the walls of the Aurora Factory mutated to house in them, canvases and handicrafts in exchange for the looms that in themselves had already given fame and recognition.

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Visit all the galleries, you will find real treasures where you least expect it: plastic art, antiques, furniture, decoration.


From materials to unique decorative pieces through design furniture, we have everything to build an artistic and very personal space.


A long day visiting slowly the Aurora, will open the appetite. Here you will find several options that satisfy your exquisite palate without leaving the Factory.

1A Food Factory
2A El Grandpa & Son Burguers
2A -1 Arte Textil: Nelly Lorenzo
3 Rachel Horn Home
3A Cntadora Antiques
3 A-1 Patio Decor
4A La Buhardilla
4 A-1 Galería Noyola Fernández
5A Galería Urquiza
6A Librería la Deriva
7A Skot Foreman Fine Art
8A Edina Sagert
9A Espacio Mariló Carral
10 A M. Calderoni
11 A -1 Galería Guiness
11 A- 2 Galería 910
11 A- 3 Pineda Covalín
12 A La 303
12 A-1 La Ruta de Algarabía
13 A Chrysalis Studio
14 A Galería Aller
15 A Atrium
16 A alQuimia 4
17 A La Bottega de Casa
18 A / 19 A Intersección, Arte Contemporáneo

1B-1 Galería Vandiver
1B-2 Algarabía
1B-3 Atelier Stellis
2B Sisal
3B Sortilegio Artisan Gallery
4 Galería Florencia Riestra
5B Festival Internacional de Cine Guanajuato

1C Sunglass Studio & Gallery
2C Cerámica Antique
3C Per Se
4C Moyshen / The Gallery
5C Arq. Marco M. Valle / Van Doren Studio
7C Cerroblanco Joyería
8C Café de la Aurora
9C Juan Ezcurdia
10C Christopher Fallon Design
11C Fernando M. Díaz Art Studio
13C Rita Torlen Gallery Workshop
14C , 15C Beatriz Castañeda Gallery
16C Zoho Gallery
17C Estudio Edgardo Kerlega

1D Estudio Mario Oliva
2D Peter Leventhal / Terra Mizwa
3D Hilo Negro
4D El Nogal
4D-1 Le Spezie
5D Rolando García
6D Taller
7D Taller
8D Dirk Jean Kinet Interiors
9D James Harvey Artist
10 D Ingrid Zinser Galería
Casa 3
A Zonagráfica Publicidad
B Geek & Coffee
C Hope Palmer
D Home San Miguel Design
Casa 4 Galería G.R

1E Michael Kreis & Beatriz Cotaa Art Studio
2E Galería
3E Galería San Francisco Annex


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Summer Party

This Saturday is out tradicional summer party. Join us for great art, music and socializing from 5-8pm.


6 de abril 2019 | 5:00PM – 7:00PM


6 de abril 2019 | 5:00PM – 7:00PM